• Zhigao Juejin ZGYX-440 full hydraulic surface drill rig for North Cement Company
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  • North cement co., Ltd. is one of the core enterprises of China building materials co., Ltd., on cement business ,which was established in Beijing in 2009. with registered capital of RMB4 billion,.The company has limestone mining,aggregate mining£¬clinker£¬cement£¬and concrete production lines£¬processed cement product production and sales chain. Its production bases and sales network located throughout Heilongjiang, Liaoning and parts of inner Mongolia. Among them, there is a 1,600 ton / day clinker production line in Chenghai cement of Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province, and the total annual mining and stripping amount of its own mine is about 700,000 tons.


    They had three sets of electric KQG150 drill machines, with high energy consumption, low efficiency, high total mining costs and serious dust pollution. The North cement company decided to replace these old backward electric drilling rig in the mine in order to increase production efficiency,lower mining costs and meet environment protection requirement.

    In January 2016,The North Cement company finally decided to buy the full-hydraulic drill rig ZGYX-440 from Zhigao Machinery Co.,ltd, after long period market survey and study. ZGYX-440 drilling rig designed for the hole range of 90-130 mm with full hydraulic tramming, equipped with a fully air-conditioned cab, automatic pipe-changer, and two-stage compression screw air end with air pressure of 20 kg has greatly improved the drilling efficiency, lowered the total fuel consumption and the high efficient dust collection system has effectively improved the environment protection needs, and the excellent climbing ability has made job site transfer convenient.  At the same time, the special preheating device allows the rig to be used normally in the extreme cold environment of 40 degrees below zero in northeast China.

    Jixi Haicheng Mine is marble ore, very hard and high abrasive, with multiple siliceous marble layers and very difficult rock formations.  ZGYX-440 is drilling 115 mm hole at 10 m depth.  At present, the machine works 8 hours per shift with drilling speed at 30 m / h, greatly improves the production efficiency and enables the operator to easily complete the production task in the full air-conditioned cab.

    As a leading enterprise of drilling machines, Zhigao has been fully committed to changing the backward state of domestic mining development, protecting natural environment, improving the efficiency of resource development, and making proactive efforts to contribute to the long-term sustainable development of the global mining industry. Zhigao is very thankful for North cement company to give the chance to show our professional high-quality machine with our service attitude for the project and to allow Zhigao and North Cement to work hard together to raise the level of mining in the cement industry and promote industry innovations and development efforts.

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