• Zhigao ZEGA UJ21£¬the first ¡° made in China¡± Drill Jumbo Machine purchased by Shangdong Gold Mining Group
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  • Project Background: Sanshandao Gold Mine of Shandong Gold Mining (Laizhou) Co., Ltd. is located in the prime area of the "Yellow River Triangle" Bohai Sea economic zone - Laizhou Sanshandao Special Industrial Zone. Sanshandao Gold Mine is a large state-owned joint-stock enterprise, belonging to Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd., with 1 billion yuan of fixed assets£¬top one hundred large metal mining enterprises in China. It has four mines, Sanshandao, Xinli£¬Cangshang and Heping Lidian with staff of 2,860£¬ a daily production capacity of 8,000 tons, annual production more than 8,000,000 g of gold, and annual profits and taxes 700 million yuan. Rich in mineral resources, and with advanced equipment, wide prospects for development, it is the only submarine mine in the world, and also the highest degree of mechanization of gold mines in China.

    Before ZEGA UJ21, all equipment used in mining, transportation, lifting and exploration were imported. With the increase of operation time£¬problems on after-sales service and high machine operation cost became more and more oblivious¡£ In addition, with the fluctuation of international gold price, the company profit level drop sharply in recently years£¬and energy and cost saving and profit increase become long term company strategic goal. That¡¯s why Shandong Gold started the search for  domestic made equipment.

    After long time analysis of key elements, such as design, production capacity, performance, quality, price, after-sales service, etc.£¬finally, the company decided the experimental cooperation with Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd. Since 2015, it has purchased the ZY104M rock drills produced by Zhigao Machinery. After more than a year of tests, because of stable performance and low consumption, and full after-sales service ,the company finally decided to use domestic drill jumbo in the new mines.In March of this year£¬ZEGA UJ21 won the bid and the company signed the contract with Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co.,ltd.

    According to the contract,  Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd will arrange all staff for training on equipment operation, maintenance and management in July, then on August 2nd, the first UJ21 equipment officially delivered to Shandong Gold Mine Co.,ltd.

    After trial operation, the mine operation staff approves the stability and efficiency of the equipment, and is confident in the equipment. They believe that the domestic equipment is ready to replace the imported equipment and meet the needs of mine production.


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