• Zhigao Integrated DTH Surface Drill Rig ZGYX-450B machine in Cambodia for the Huaxin cement CCC project
  • With the increasing demand for infrastructure construction and the rise of real estate business in Cambodia, the demand for cement is increasing sharply. Cambodia local cement plants, which produce less than 1 million tonnes a year, fall far short of demand and need to import large quantities of cement from Thailand and Vietnam each year. The Huaxin cement CCC project in Cambodia has greatly increased the supply of cement in Cambodia and provided strong support for local infrastructure construction.

    The project, which is located in Kampot province of Cambodia, covers an area of 42 hectares. This projects can provide jobs for 200 local people , stimulate the development of related industries such as energy, transportation and services, and indirectly provide nearly 1,000 jobs to boost local social economic development. It also expand the reputation and influence of Huaxin cement brand. Therefore, both Cambodia government and Huaxin take this project very seriously.

    A good beginning means half success. The most important thing for this project is to work with an excellent integrated DTH surface drill rig equipment manufacturer such as Zhigao Machinery with professional service.

    Through long time study and market research for the products and services of Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd., ZGYX-450B integrated DTH surface drill rig machine has been successfully approved and accepted by Huaxin cement. In September 2016, the machine start operation on this CCC cement project.


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