• Zhigao Air compressor helps Liaocheng Textile Company save electricity expense

    Shandong Liaocheng Textile Company is a leading company in textile industry in Liaocheng, with 2,000 employees. There were three 110 type domestic brand air compressors in the factory. Now, they are replaced by 3 ea of 75SFT-5.5 two-stage compression air compressors from Zhigao Machinery. The reality is 2 Zhigao new air compressors are enough to meet their requirements. Besides, Zhigao dealer made second time energy conservation renovation ¨C air compressor residue heat recycling, supplying enough hot water needs for factory employees. After three month, 120 KW.H of electricity are saved each hour, with total saving 800,000 RMB electricity expense annually. That has not even counted the money saved for the hot water expenses before.


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  • China bearing industry profit upgrade helped by Zhigao industrial energy saving air compressors

    China is a huge bearing manufacture & consumption country. Early in 2005, China became the third largest bearing maker in the world. Bearing production & sales rapidly increased in automobile, agriculture, & machine tool industry£¬etc.

    Due to cost increasing in material, energy & labor, bearing companies are crushed by both upper & lower markets. Air compressor operation cost is a big proportion of running cost, thus, energy saving is very important for them.

    Zhigao designed & produced screw air compressors specially for bearing manufacture industry £¨ high air consumption with low pressure£¬long working hours under severe work conditions - actual pressure between 3.0 - 5.0 bars£©-  two stage low pressure permanent magnetic variable frequency series.  Zhigao industrial technical team R&Ded and tested this series compressors through rigorous conditions for more than one year.

     This series features:

    •   Large air supply output

    •   Low energy consumption

    •   High filtration precision

    •   Large dust bearing capacity

    •   Stable running

    •   Easier and More Convenient maintenance & service

    At the same time, Zhigao optimized and improved filtration system, oil separator system, and the rotor & electric motor. This series received  high level of attention & recognition from clients once it was launched. These compressors helped customers greatly for production assurance& lowering production cost.

    Here is an example from Quzhou City Jianwo Jinggong Machinery Co., Ltd.

    As a high & new tech enterprise supported by Qujiang government, Quzhou City Jianwo Jinggong Machinery Co., Ltd. produces 130,000,000 sets of bearings each year. All products are exported overseas, with annual income 250 million RMB. Through the communication of Zhigao & Jingwo equipment management personnel, Jingwo replaced old compressors with Zhigao two-stage low pressure energy saving 160SFT-5.5 screw air compressor. After 3-month continuous case following, they saved 49 KW.H of electricity each hour, total saving 400,000 RMB annually.

    Without small steps£¬there will be no long journey£»without small rivers£¬ there will be no ocean¡£ Zhigao constant hard working leads to continuous energy saving. Zhigao actively pursue ¡°energy saving¡±to contribute more energy saving & more intelligent air compressor products.


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  • Zhigao Machinery in Nepal Earthquake rescue

    On 25th, April, 2015, a big earthquake hit Nepal£¬ZHIGAO came onto the stage in front of the world eyes . A ¡±full automatic drill rig¡° from Zhigao arrived Nepal for rescuing efforts immediately. On 29th, April, Chinese army went to Zhigao Lasa office to buy equipment for rescue assignments. In 2011, Zhigao products were sold to Tibet ¡°Huatailong¡±¡¢¡°Julong¡±£¬two stock listed companies, occupying 85% of local market share and become well recognized by local people.

    Zhigao full automatic drill rigs came into Nepal with the rescuing army.

    Why Zhigao products are selected and represented ¡±made in China¡° for the job during the earthquake? That was because Nepal disaster area was highland area above 3£¬000 meters, with terrible environment of sand storm and low oxygen level which greatly affected the normal operation of air compressors and many drilling equipment had hard time working there. Since 2012, Zhigao has been researching the high altitude drill rigs. With 2-year hard work, the Zhigao machine broke the barrier and can be effectively working above 6,000 m high altitude.

    Zhigao¡¯s achievement came step by step hard work and experiences: in 2009, Zhigao full hydraulic surface drill rig was recognized as ¡°China first of the kind product release¡±. During economy down time, Zhigao took the chance & challenge£¬hired more than 20 high level staff£¬ some of those came from famous stock listed companies¡£ Zhigao formed production process department for continuously improving production craft & process in order to win more market with product quality.

    ¡°Sales following projects¡± is one of key strategies for the company. Zhigao machines have been sold to Latin America, Africa & EU.

    This highland rescue case is just a very small reflection of many more cases of enterprise development. As the company boss said: finding opportunities through crisis, expanding into international market, accelerating globalization is the main goal and direction of the company.

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  • Zhigao Machinery sailing with ¡°One Belt and One Road¡± Policy, and serving the world customers

    Background: One Belt and One Road is the abbreviation of Silk Road Economic Belt and 21 st Century Maritime Silk Road. It will fully rely on the existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms between China and the countries concerned, and with the help of established and effective regional cooperation platforms, it carries high the banner of peaceful development, and actively develop its economic cooperation partnerships with the countries along the route£¬working together to build political trust, economic integration, cultural inclusion of interests community, destiny community and responsibility community.

    In the past three years since the initiative was put forward, it has received responses and supports from more than 100 countries and international organizations. At present, it has entered into the stage of intensive and detailed cooperation. The new contracts signed in 2015 and 2016 are US $92.64 billion and US $126.03 billion respectively, up 7.44% and 36% respectively from the same period of the year before, accounting for 44.1% and 51.6% of the portions of foreign contracted projects in the same period respectively.

    Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd. has been actively responding to the national "going out" strategy with overseas expansion in full swing. Since the beginning of "One Belt and One Road" policy, Zhigao has taken advantage of it, promoting national brand to the world. It also has gained the positive recognition and friendship from many countries.

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  • Zhigao Juejin ZGYX-440 full hydraulic surface drill rig for North Cement Company

    North cement co., Ltd. is one of the core enterprises of China building materials co., Ltd., on cement business ,which was established in Beijing in 2009. with registered capital of RMB4 billion,.The company has limestone mining,aggregate mining£¬clinker£¬cement£¬and concrete production lines£¬processed cement product production and sales chain. Its production bases and sales network located throughout Heilongjiang, Liaoning and parts of inner Mongolia. Among them, there is a 1,600 ton / day clinker production line in Chenghai cement of Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province, and the total annual mining and stripping amount of its own mine is about 700,000 tons.


    They had three sets of electric KQG150 drill machines, with high energy consumption, low efficiency, high total mining costs and serious dust pollution. The North cement company decided to replace these old backward electric drilling rig in the mine in order to increase production efficiency,lower mining costs and meet environment protection requirement.

    In January 2016,The North Cement company finally decided to buy the full-hydraulic drill rig ZGYX-440 from Zhigao Machinery Co.,ltd, after long period market survey and study. ZGYX-440 drilling rig designed for the hole range of 90-130 mm with full hydraulic tramming, equipped with a fully air-conditioned cab, automatic pipe-changer, and two-stage compression screw air end with air pressure of 20 kg has greatly improved the drilling efficiency, lowered the total fuel consumption and the high efficient dust collection system has effectively improved the environment protection needs, and the excellent climbing ability has made job site transfer convenient.  At the same time, the special preheating device allows the rig to be used normally in the extreme cold environment of 40 degrees below zero in northeast China.

    Jixi Haicheng Mine is marble ore, very hard and high abrasive, with multiple siliceous marble layers and very difficult rock formations.  ZGYX-440 is drilling 115 mm hole at 10 m depth.  At present, the machine works 8 hours per shift with drilling speed at 30 m / h, greatly improves the production efficiency and enables the operator to easily complete the production task in the full air-conditioned cab.

    As a leading enterprise of drilling machines, Zhigao has been fully committed to changing the backward state of domestic mining development, protecting natural environment, improving the efficiency of resource development, and making proactive efforts to contribute to the long-term sustainable development of the global mining industry. Zhigao is very thankful for North cement company to give the chance to show our professional high-quality machine with our service attitude for the project and to allow Zhigao and North Cement to work hard together to raise the level of mining in the cement industry and promote industry innovations and development efforts.

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  • Zhigao ZEGA UJ21£¬the first ¡° made in China¡± Drill Jumbo Machine purchased by Shangdong Gold Mining Group

    Project Background: Sanshandao Gold Mine of Shandong Gold Mining (Laizhou) Co., Ltd. is located in the prime area of the "Yellow River Triangle" Bohai Sea economic zone - Laizhou Sanshandao Special Industrial Zone. Sanshandao Gold Mine is a large state-owned joint-stock enterprise, belonging to Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd., with 1 billion yuan of fixed assets£¬top one hundred large metal mining enterprises in China. It has four mines, Sanshandao, Xinli£¬Cangshang and Heping Lidian with staff of 2,860£¬ a daily production capacity of 8,000 tons, annual production more than 8,000,000 g of gold, and annual profits and taxes 700 million yuan. Rich in mineral resources, and with advanced equipment, wide prospects for development, it is the only submarine mine in the world, and also the highest degree of mechanization of gold mines in China.

    Before ZEGA UJ21, all equipment used in mining, transportation, lifting and exploration were imported. With the increase of operation time£¬problems on after-sales service and high machine operation cost became more and more oblivious¡£ In addition, with the fluctuation of international gold price, the company profit level drop sharply in recently years£¬and energy and cost saving and profit increase become long term company strategic goal. That¡¯s why Shandong Gold started the search for  domestic made equipment.

    After long time analysis of key elements, such as design, production capacity, performance, quality, price, after-sales service, etc.£¬finally, the company decided the experimental cooperation with Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd. Since 2015, it has purchased the ZY104M rock drills produced by Zhigao Machinery. After more than a year of tests, because of stable performance and low consumption, and full after-sales service ,the company finally decided to use domestic drill jumbo in the new mines.In March of this year£¬ZEGA UJ21 won the bid and the company signed the contract with Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co.,ltd.

    According to the contract,  Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd will arrange all staff for training on equipment operation, maintenance and management in July, then on August 2nd, the first UJ21 equipment officially delivered to Shandong Gold Mine Co.,ltd.

    After trial operation, the mine operation staff approves the stability and efficiency of the equipment, and is confident in the equipment. They believe that the domestic equipment is ready to replace the imported equipment and meet the needs of mine production.


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  • United and fight through tough times for better tomorrow,Guizhou Liu Gong Drill Sales Story

    From January to June, 2015, excavator sales dropped 37.56% compared to last year, the construction machinery markets continue to shrink. The industry colleagues all are looking for new breakthroughs while we holding on. However, great news came in from the dealer (Guizhou Liu Gong) of ZEGA in Guizhou, Guizhou Liu Gong won a big order of 20 Liu Gong excavators, 1 ZEGA 450B and 4 ZEGA 452 drill rigs.

     Project Commencement


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  • ONE important reason to choose Zega Machinery -- Service!

    On the road of pursuing high-quality products, the industry is more competitive than ever. Now further exploring aftermarket becomes particularly important regarding how to fight for more market shares and gain  maximum interests for customers in the traditional machinery industry.</p

    Zega Machinery with mission in mind: finest manufacture, sincere service. In order to service dealers and customers more professional and faster, Zega set up three domestic service teams. They are crossing the mountains and rivers, without fear of hardships and dangers; they worked from first light to dark night, racing against time. In China, east from Zhoushan islands, west to Kashi, Xinjiang, north to the Hulun Buir prairie, south to Hannan, Sanya, they are everywhere you can imagine; at altitude of 6300 meters plateaus, or in more than 100 meters underground mines, you can see their efforts. They won good reputations for Zega Machinery.

     Repairing works may ruin service worker clothes, but they have no time to care about that. The most important thing to them is the well being of machines.


    Our service engineers to work sites with machine delivery for commissioning, train machine operators in every detail, until they absolutely understand everything.


    Since the establishment of ZEGA ( Shanghai ) International Trading Co., Ltd. in 2014, our products have been gradually entered international market. At the same time, ZEGA services also have been expanded to global regions. In foreign countries, our service engineers face more difficulties, such as bad cell phone signals, lack of clean drinking water, out of water and electricity services, unstable local regional conflicts and infectious diseases. Regardless Our engineers still provided high quality services with enthusiasm.

    No pains, no gains. Every attentive service of our service engineers means their upholding responsibilities. They not only improve their own working abilities but also gain satisfactory smiles from customers and hear high praises for ZEGA machines.

    Efforts will always be repaid.  Today success of Zega Machinery can¡¯t come without the perseverance and silent efforts of all front-line service engineers. We appreciate the trust from every customer to Zega Machinery! Zega Machinery will always remember its mission and put more efforts into building faster, better and more professional service!

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