• Zhigao Machinery in Nepal Earthquake rescue
  • On 25th, April, 2015, a big earthquake hit Nepal£¬ZHIGAO came onto the stage in front of the world eyes . A ¡±fully automatic drill rig¡° from Zhigao arrived Nepal for rescuing efforts immediately. On 29th, April, Chinese army went to Zhigao Lasa office to buy equipments for rescue assignments. In 2011, Zhigao products were sold to Tibet ¡°Huatailong¡±¡¢¡°Julong¡±£¬two stock listed companies, occupying 85% of local market share and become well recognized by local people.

    Zhigao fully automatic drill rigs came into Nepal with the rescuing army.

    Why Zhigao products are selected and represented ¡±made in China¡° for the job during the earthquake? That was because Nepal disaster area was highland area above 3£¬000 meters, with terrible environment of sand storm and low oxygen level which greatly affected the normal operation of air compressors and many drilling equipment had hard time working there. Since 2012, Zhigao has been researching the high altitude drill rigs. With 2-year hard work, the Zhigao machine broke the barrier and can be effectively working above 6,000 m of altitude.

     Zhigao¡¯s achievement came by step by step hard work and experiences: in 2009, Zhigao fully hydraulic surface drill rig was recognized as ¡°China first of the kind product release¡±. During economy downturn period, Zhigao took the chance & challenge£¬hired more than 20 high level staff£¬ some of those came from famous stock listed companies¡£ Zhigao formed production process department for continuously improving production craft & process in order to win more market with product quality. 

    ¡°Sale following projects¡± is one of key strategies for the company. Zhigao machines have been sold to Latin America, Africa & EU.

     This highland rescue case is just a very small refection of many more cases of enterprise development. As the company boss said: finding opportunities through crisis, expanding into international market, accelerating globalization is the main goal and direction of the company.


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