• ONE important reason to choose Zega Machinery -- Service!
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  • On the road of pursuing high-quality products, the industry is more competitive than ever. Now further exploring aftermarket becomes particularly important regarding how to fight for more market shares and gain  maximum interests for customers in the traditional machinery industry.</p

    Zega Machinery with mission in mind: finest manufacture, sincere service. In order to service dealers and customers more professional and faster, Zega set up three domestic service teams. They are crossing the mountains and rivers, without fear of hardships and dangers; they worked from first light to dark night, racing against time. In China, east from Zhoushan islands, west to Kashi, Xinjiang, north to the Hulun Buir prairie, south to Hannan, Sanya, they are everywhere you can imagine; at altitude of 6300 meters plateaus, or in more than 100 meters underground mines, you can see their efforts. They won good reputations for Zega Machinery.

     Repairing works may ruin service worker clothes, but they have no time to care about that. The most important thing to them is the well being of machines.


    Our service engineers to work sites with machine delivery for commissioning, train machine operators in every detail, until they absolutely understand everything.


    Since the establishment of ZEGA ( Shanghai ) International Trading Co., Ltd. in 2014, our products have been gradually entered international market. At the same time, ZEGA services also have been expanded to global regions. In foreign countries, our service engineers face more difficulties, such as bad cell phone signals, lack of clean drinking water, out of water and electricity services, unstable local regional conflicts and infectious diseases. Regardless Our engineers still provided high quality services with enthusiasm.

    No pains, no gains. Every attentive service of our service engineers means their upholding responsibilities. They not only improve their own working abilities but also gain satisfactory smiles from customers and hear high praises for ZEGA machines.

    Efforts will always be repaid.  Today success of Zega Machinery can¡¯t come without the perseverance and silent efforts of all front-line service engineers. We appreciate the trust from every customer to Zega Machinery! Zega Machinery will always remember its mission and put more efforts into building faster, better and more professional service!

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