• ZEGA selected as one of the main suppliers of the general construction equipment for 2016 by CRCC via tender
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  • The tender of the general construction equipment for 2016 by CRCC was held on December 16th£¬ 2015 at the Beijing head quarter of CRCC.The tender covers 30 different kinds of machinery of 7 types with over more than 300 companies participating. ZEGA actively got involved and successfully became one of the selected suppliers.

    As well known£¬ CRCC is the largest multi-facet construction giant in China and Asia¡£  Ranked #71 in the world fortune 500  companies£¬ CRCC is also one of the flagship enterprises of the ¡°One belt One road¡±strategic policy executors.  As ZEGA becomes one of the selected suppliers of CRCC for both domestic and overseas markets, it represents ZEGA¡¯s active involvement in the Great National strategic movement of the ¡° One belt One road¡± policy.  It shows ZEGA¡¯s determinations and is a milestone achievement for ZEGA.



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