• Zhigao Machinery sailing with ¡°One Belt and One Road¡± Policy, and serving the world customers
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  • Background: One Belt and One Road is the abbreviation of Silk Road Economic Belt and 21 st Century Maritime Silk Road. It will fully rely on the existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms between China and the countries concerned, and with the help of established and effective regional cooperation platforms, it carries high the banner of peaceful development, and actively develop its economic cooperation partnerships with the countries along the route£¬working together to build political trust, economic integration, cultural inclusion of interests community, destiny community and responsibility community.

    In the past three years since the initiative was put forward, it has received responses and supports from more than 100 countries and international organizations. At present, it has entered into the stage of intensive and detailed cooperation. The new contracts signed in 2015 and 2016 are US $92.64 billion and US $126.03 billion respectively, up 7.44% and 36% respectively from the same period of the year before, accounting for 44.1% and 51.6% of the portions of foreign contracted projects in the same period respectively.

    Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd. has been actively responding to the national "going out" strategy with overseas expansion in full swing. Since the beginning of "One Belt and One Road" policy, Zhigao has taken advantage of it, promoting national brand to the world. It also has gained the positive recognition and friendship from many countries.

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