• Laijia Village Fraternal Health Station, Lingyang Town, Qujiang
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  • Laijia Village is 75 km away from city, with a total population of 719. The main economic income is from planting industry & forestry industry, with average personal annual income 3,800 RMB. The beautiful environment & good condition of old village attracts a lot of visitors. There is an old-age service center in the village.
    The old health station is 7 km away from the town health center & was built in 1980, with an area of 45 m2, with limited medical equipment. It was very inconvenient for villagers to see doctors. The newly built ¡°Fraternal Health Station¡± is beside village committee with concrete mixed structure & two floors, with building area 96 m2. The healthy center can provide health care service for villagers & visitors. The health center has been completed & put into usage.


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