• Spring water flows, and green plants grow. ZEGA rock drill drifter leads the way
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  • Swallows are twittering, wild geese are flying over in the blue sky and flowing stream brings messages of spring.  Sudden green appears and then like prearranged, the trees are growing new buds and the green grass are covering hillside. The sales numbers during Jan. and Feb. of 2016, of China excavator achieved growth for the same period from last year.  3,220 excavators were sold in February by 29 major excavator manufacturers, a 32.8% increase over last year. In the deep underground tunnels, it also feels the full vigor of spring. At the beginning of the new year, in the unpredictable warmth and coldness  of early spring, one domestic non-ferrous underground mine, felt the warmth the earliest£¬with overtime shifts already in full swing , and everyone at the mine felt the urges to work hard for a better tomorrow.

    "Sharp tools mean better quality work". The drifter, the key component of imported drilling equipment, often breaks down at critical moments. This problem has troubled the mining companies for a long time.  It¡¯s estimated that underground jumbos and rock drill drifters are critical equipment and components in sizable underground mines in China. However, this had been monopolized by the imported global brands for high maintenance cost , long service time and unsatisfactory service altitude.

    For better solutions, the leaders of the mine searched widely all around China and abroad to help solve this "tough problem". However, in as large a country as China, very few suppliers can deal with this problem. Fortunately, Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., LTD., devoted to the research & development and large scale manufacture of rock drill drifters, and become a few top level company which can produce hydraulic rock drill drifters and drilling equipment independently with independent intellectual property rights. The ZEGA rock drill drifter series, broke the monopoly of global brands, reducing the cost of customer purchase price, operation and maintenance drastically. The main performance parameters equals to those of the similar imported models with features of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental friendly and safety, as well as faster drilling speed and low operation cost. ZEGA drifters can be widely used in underground mine and engineering construction fields of tunnel drilling£¬ medium and deep hole drilling, bench drilling and strip mining in surface mining, etc.

    Why not give it a try with such good products available now? Leaders of the mine  decided to join hands with ZEGA to see what change it can bring to Chinese mining industry and even the global market.  During the trial period, technicians of both sides eat, live and work together to solve the production and process difficulties and problems faced, and the configuration problems with the competition drills.

    After a few months trial, everyone of the mining company gave thumbs up to the ZEGA products. The drifter technology of ZEGA products is at the international advanced level, while the cost of purchasing and maintenance only about 40% to 50% of the similar imported products. Not only that, but we also provide on-site installation£¬commissioning and 6 months warranty for mining customers, leaving worries behind! Because of the excellent products and satisfactory service, the customer is making new purchasing plans in the near future!  In fact, we have begun a new journey for the surface and underground mining in China and globally!

    In order not to depend everything on the imported products as it had always been before when it came to advanced mining machinery requirement, ZEGA took it as its mission to develop technology advanced products and at the same time to lower the purchase cost and operation cost for the customers.  ZEGA made sure high product quality as goal while taking the most stringent cost saving program to ensure high quality product availability and low product down time. These all contributed to the well recognized ZEGA brand images by users and Zega products more popular each day.






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