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  • Integrated Down the Hole Drill Rigs
  • Integrated Down the Hole Drill Rigs

    ZGYX-421/451/452 Intergated DTH Surface Drill Rig: The series have the same traits of high efficiency, energy saving, and environment friendly with automatic DTH rigs except cabin and pipe changer. Single power pack drives screw air compressor and hydraulic system simultaneously and power output ...

  • Water Well Drilling Rig
  • Water Well Drilling Rig

    ZGSJ-300 water well drill rig has high rotation unit torque and lifting power. It is widely used in construction 锛実eothermal and field reconstruction, etc. ZGSJ-180 Water Well Drill Rig Characterized light and flexible, widely used in civil engineering....

Drill Rig


Full hydraulic drill carriage Zega self-developed by the state through theCommission identified as China equipment manufacturing industry key areas first(set) products, and by the national science and technology included in the 2010National Torch plan.


1.Integrated Rig Down The Hole:
Can be divided into:ZGYX-460 銆乑GYX-450 銆乑GYX-452 銆乑GYX-451銆乑GYX-421
2. Hydraulic Rig Top Hammer:
Can be divided into:ZGYX-660銆乑GYX-650銆乑GYX-520銆乑GYX-510
3.Separate Rig Down The Hole:
Can be divided into:ZGYX-410A/B/D 銆乑GYX-410T-B銆乑GYX-410C銆乑GYX-410E 銆乑GYX-420A/B/D 銆乑GYX-430
4.Water Well Drilling Rig:
Can be divided into:ZGSJ-300銆乑GSJ-180


1. in ore prospecting in nonferrous metals, especially raremetal depositprospecting, drilling for tunnel exploration survey recourse deposit, encryptiontectonic orebody and sampling and testing.
2. in the mine digging, common tunnel drilling technology to drill ground observation hole, vent hole, drainage, gas discharge hole, grouting hole, blasting holes, anchor hole and pilot hole digging tunnels etc..
3. in geotechnical engineering construction fields, equipment and process technology of tunnel drilling can be used for the treatment of deep pit slope geological disaster reinforced foundation support, and industrial and commercial traffic military aspects of the construction of underground engineering.
4. for building construction, building foundation, the foundation High-speed Rail foundation, road foundation, rock soil foundation construction.