• ZEGA creative innovation with the state of art technology for high efficiency, energy saving, environment friendly and safety. Separated DTH drill rig by ZEGA with new positioning system, to offer high efficiency, energy saving and environment requirement and at the same time dramatically reduced running costs
    1. Two tramming operation platforms Convenient long distance tramming
    2. High efficiency dust collection system High efficient two stage dust collector with powerful suction and large filtration area for excellent dust removal
    3. Labled hoses Easier for maintenance and troubleshooting.
    4. High strength heavy duty feed beam New design positioning system, easier for operation in the worst situation. Cylinder &Rope feed mechanism for smooth operation. Cycloid rotation motor for powerful rotation torque Nylon slide piece for longer feed beam service life.
    5. Cummins Engine Cummins diesel engine and global warranty
    6. Ergonomic control console New layout design for easier operation
    7. Three stage filters Better protection for engine
    8. New design protection cover Convenient maintenance and services
    9. Standard tramming system Standard track tramming system for up to 4 km / h speed Oscillated track frame for better off road capabilities
  • Engine manufacturer Cummins Max.RPM: 200
    Engine Model 4BTA3.9-C125 Fuel Tank Capacity 120 L
    Rated Power 92 kW DTH hammer 4 inch / 5 inch
    Hole diameter range Ø 110 - 152 mm Rotation Torque 3,500 Nm
    Hole Depth 21m Feed type Cylinder&Rope
    Pipe Size Ø76 mm Travel distance 3280mm
    Pipe Length 3,000 Nm Max. Feed speed 0.6m/s
    Nos of Pipes stored 6+1 Max.lift force 40kN
    Beam type Single straight Max.feed force 21kN
    Total feed beam length 5030mm Ground Clearance 380 mm
    Extension distance 1200mm Length 7,000 mm
    Traction force 93kN
    Tramming speed High 4km/h,Low 2 km/h Width 2,300 mm
    Max.climbing ability 30°(add winch@>20°) Height 2,500 mm
    Track oscillation ±10° Weighth 6,500kg
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