• D535 in surface quarry, small construction and mining excavation, for various blast hole applications up to mid hard rocks.

    Light and flexible, high ROI, and lower cost perton

    Main benefits

    ZEGA D535 integrated DTH drilling rig,an upgrade from existing mature model, with core components upgraded to world famous brands. Single power pack (only one diesel engine) drives both screw air compressor and hydraulic system with power output of stagger design.
    Comparing with separated drills, the power consumption of diesel engine is reduced by 30% and maintenance cost down by 50%. The integrated designed of ZEGA D535 for improved production efficiency without towed air compressor behind with less air transmission loss and better long-distance fleet management.

    Product Features

    1.Powerful Rotation Unit
    Bigger and stronger designed Rotation unit for smooth high torque output and less drill tool jamming with seamless speed regulation.
    2.Multi-directional drill design.
    For complex drilling conditions, 400 mm ground clearance for horizontal drilling applications.
    3.New protective cover
    Better appearance and convenient for maintenance.
    4.Ergonomic comfortable operation console
    Centralized control, convenience, efficient control console and full display panel of functions.
    5.Dust collecting system
    High efficiency two stage dust collector with high speed fan for larger filter area,technical advanced and industry leading.
    6.Standard tramming mechanism
    Equipped with speed reduction tramming system and standard excavator track for compact structure. Excellent off-road performance with powerful two-speed hydraulic tramming system for extreme low failure rate.
  • D535 Technical Specifications
    Engine Manufacturer Cummins Engine Model 6BTAA5.9-C190
    Engine Rated Power 142 kW Engine Emission Euro II
    F.A.D 10 m3/min Working Pressure 14.5 Bar
    Rotation Speed 0-110 rpm Rotary Torque 1,450 Nm
    Hole Diameter Range Ø80-108 mm DTH Hammer 3.5 inch
    Hole Depth 20 m Number of Pipes 6+1
    Drill pipe type 60 mm Pipe Length 3,000 mm(collaring 2000 mm)
    Feed Type Cylinder / Chain Length of Feed Beam 5,340 mm
    Feed Extension 960 mm Feed Travel Length 3,200 mm
    Feed Speed 0.75 m/s Pull Up Force(Max.) 25 kN
    Max. Climbing Ability 25° Feed Force(Max.) 15 kN
    Tramming Speed high 3.2 km/h,low 2 km/h Traction Force( Max.) 65 kN
    Ground Clearance 540 mm Fuel Tank Capacity 170 L
    Length 6,050 mm Width 2,560 mm
    Height 2,720 mm Weight(options excluded) 6,850 kg
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