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ZEGA Hydraulic Power Rotation Units leaflets

ZEGA Hydraulic Power Rotation Units leaflets
  • ZEGA The Best Substitute For Original DDRH

    CM700 Series:CM695D/CM760D/CM765D/CM780D/CM785D

    Problems of The Original DDRH :

    High operating and maintenance cost!
    The annual cost for replacing seals only more than a couple thousands of dollars and overhaul cost extremely high , the original main parts prices listed below for reference:
    Spindle $15,000
    Seal / seal sets $2,700
    Driving motor $15,000
    Sleeves, rod lock $8,500
    The supplier has stopped producing this type of drill rig for many years, the delivery time of the parts could be more than three months or longer;
    Difficulty to repair, and the tools provided cannot remove the spindle adapter easily;
    Overhaul technical skills requirement high.

    Now you can solve all these problems with ZEGA replacement solution for only 35 thousand dollars:

    All parts and special tools needed for installation in one package with a single order part number;
    Professional on-site technical support available;
    6 months warranty;
    Low cost to replace seals;
    Oil leakage of the drill pipe lock sleeves problem Solved ;
    Much lower cost for replacing driving motor;
    Adding / removing drill pipes easily with creative designed lock sleeves;
    Easy removal of / replacing of spindle adapter with ZEGA special designed spindle locking;
    With simple structure design, overhaul is simple and easy.
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