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Zega Parts

Zega Parts
  • ZEGA Hydraulic Power Rotation Units leaflets

    The Best Substitute For Original DDRH
    CM700 Series:CM695D/CM760D/CM765D/CM780D/CM785D

    ZEGA Drifter

    The Best Substitute For The Competitive Imported Products
    Replacement for Boomer Series,Simba Series,and ROC Series Surface Top drilling Rigs)

    ZEGA ZG DTH Hammers

    ZEGA ZG DTH Hammers with scientifically and logically designed structure for easy removal,repair,service and maintenance, improve work efficiency.

    ZEGA ZG DTH Bits

    ZEGA ZG Drill bits with the most advanced design for better flushing result and with enforced strength of key parts of the bits improving the service life and efficiency of the bit to help customers reduce cost.

    ZEGA ZG Drill Pipes