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HS3500 hydraulic rammer

HS3500 hydraulic rammer
  • Overview

    1. To improve the quality of back filling in highway construction, bridge tunnels and platform backs constructions, and to avoid quality implications due to lack of compaction with large compaction machinery in narrow areas;
    2. Hydraulic rammers great for small sections and narrow area of operation, after compaction, the vertical surface compaction of roadbed can reach more than 10 cm, significantly improve the back filled soil density, and accelerate the elimination of settlement of soil within a certain depth range, thus effectively improve the back fill construction quality.


    High speed hydraulic rammers widely used in bridge, small structure and retaining structure constructions of platform back walls, solves the problems of the vehicle bump at bridge ends in highway construction, also can be used in the oil depot, port, airport, parking lot and other large-scale infrastructure foundation compaction and garbage, hazardous substances landfill compaction; can also be used to half dig and half backfill compaction and other sections of the narrow and small areas or roads.High speed hydraulic compaction Rammer (compactor) compared to traditional foundation construction, the cost down 50%-70% and construction period shortened about 50%.The rammer technology applied widely to low strength bearing requirement civil projects, such as plant foundation, highway and railway roadbed, low-rise buildings, etc.

    Particularly the high speed rammer suitable for that when traditional crane-tamping machine cannot be used, such as high backfill soil foundation, especially with Schema mixture subgrade roadbed and this process without dust pollution and flying macadam; also reducing labor from 3 to 1 person.

  • Technical Specification
    Rated Impact Energy 42 KJ
    Impact Frequency 30-80 pulses/min
    Max. Compact Height 2000 mm
    Max. Compact Angles ±45o
    Plate Dia. 1000 mm
    Max. Compact Depth 1200 mm