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Integrated Down the Hole Drill Rigs

Integrated Down the Hole Drill Rigs
  • Types

    ZGYX-421/451/452 Intergated DTH Surface Drill Rigs:
    The series have the same traits of high efficiency, energy saving, and environment friendly with automatic DTH rigs except cabin and pipe changer. Single power pack drives screw air compressor and hydraulic system simultaneously and power output is stagger design. Comparing with separated drills, the power output of integrated DTH rig is reduced by 30% and maintenance cost reduced by 50%. Drill rig and air compressor are integrated on the same board reducing the energy losing and raising the work efficiency and mobility. Integrated control platform with wise layout bring about easy and clear operation. Dry type dust collector is standard.
    The rigs are the best substitute for separate drill rigs thanks to excellent price to value design.

    ZGYX-440/450/460/470 Automatic DTH Surface Drill Rigs:
    The series of heavy-duty DTH surface blast hole drill rigs are developed and manufactured by Zhejiang ZEGA Machinery Co., Ltd. with diesel engine, air compressor and automated hydraulic control system on board. They are standardly equipped with cabin, automatic drill pipe changer, heavy-duty tramming motor and chassis with leveling mechanism. The smooth drilling system, fast moving and good cross terrain capability make them suitable for any complicated rock drilling applications. The rigs equipped with two stages dust collector are environmental friendly and are widely used in various construction and mining applications. High efficiency, energy saving, environment friendly and safety make it suitable to global market.