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Explosion-Proof Screw Air Compressors

Explosion-Proof Screw Air Compressors
  • Product Features

    1.Directly used in underground coal mines and tunnels, flexible and portable for moving along the tunnel, with better constant high air pressure to ensure air supply to the air tools with mechanical efficiency 30% to 100% higher than on the surface, electricity cost 30% less and less air pipes.
    2.Low rotation speed Oil-injected air end with upgraded alignment design for smooth operation, high solidity, low noise, long life, high efficiency and etc. Reliable air volume control system, automatic adjustment to 0-100% load, and auto adjustment of power consumption .
    3.Resistance to explosion, protection of overload, shortage, phase failure and electricity loss, etc.; high temperature warning and auto shut down, air filter blockage and oil filter blockage warning; Volume control and pressure control to prevent pressure overload to ensure safety of operation.
    4.Exclusively designed high performance oil and air separator ensuring oil content in exhaust air below 3ppm.
    5.Double-flow air coolers for better cooling performance, twice the regular coolers results.

  • Technical Specifications
    Model Nominal Pressure(Mpa) F.A.D(m3 /min) Noise dB(A) Outlet Temperature(℃) Oil Content Motor Powe r kw(hp) Weight(wet excl.fuel)(kg) Unit Dimensions(overall), LxWxH(mm) Track Distance(mm) Voltage(V)
    MLGF-10/7-55G 0.7 10 72±3 ≤110 ≤3 55(75) 2200 3005×1100×1562 600/900 380/660
    MLGF-13/7-75G 0.7 13 72±3 ≤110 ≤3 75(100) 2520 3070×1100×1582 600/900 380/660
    MLGF-20/7-110G 0.7 20 72±3 ≤110 ≤3 110(150) 3350 3460×1100×1782 600/900 380/660

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