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2016 German Bauma Expo, brings ZEGA a New Start in “Globalization”2016-05-04

The Bauma Expo is the Olympic Games of engineering machinery industry. In November 2014, Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd. participated in Shanghai Bauma Expo with a splash. The international brand "ZEGA” was born and recruitment of overseas country distributors was announced. ZEGA officially declared its going global for better and broader future.
As one strategic step, ZEGA actively participated in Munich Bauma Expo in Germany with enthusiasm.The Munich Bauma Expo 2016 attracted more than 580,000 visitors from more than 200 countries worldwide. German Bauma is the pearl in the crown in global engineering machinery industry and is the indicator of engineering machinery industry. Whoever participated in Munich Bauma Expo will be rewarded greatly with brand promotion efforts and product sales. One of our industry leader LIEBHERR commented that they received high quality customers from different industries and different continents in this Munich Bauma Expo. Orders from this Expo exceeded their expectation.
As the only representative from China surface / underground drilling and air compressor industry, Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd. shined brightly in this Bauma Expo It is the first time ZEGA participated in this global event of the engineering industry. ZEGA not only received orders but also met old and new friends, who offered precious advice to help promote ZEGA products globally.

The distributor from southern Europe was very confident with our products. They offered some great insights and advice to help our products tailor to the European market better. They believe that ZEGA products have a bright future in Europe. The distributor from Eastern Africa also had fruitful discussions with ZEGA managements. They hope to get more support from ZEGA and is confident to expand eastern African market. The distributor from Indonesia confirmed to order several drilling rigs, air compressors and underground drilling equipment on the spot. They wanted to take this chance to make ZEGA brand better known in their local market.
At the same time, the potential distributor candidates from the Middle East and South America expressed their desires to build a firm and stable cooperation relationship with ZEGA to win over the big market in the future.

More importantly, ZEGA learned about the direction and the top technology trend of the global engineering machinery development in this Bauma Germany Expo. With rising labor costs and increasing strict environmental protection requirements, the intelligence in machine control becomes the trend of the future development, at the same time, higher requirement in safety, efficiency, and cost economic is more and more stressed. Zega Machinery, with global aspirations, still has a long way to go to narrow the gap with the world leaders. We understand that beautiful blueprint is not easy to achieve, we need work much more harder. Bauma Germany 2016 has come to an end and success is in the past now.Another Bauma Shanghai China 2016 will be here on November 22th, as China and even Asia top engineering machinery big event, Zega Machinery will meet with everyone with another "highlight" moment, a series of new products and equipment will be released in the expo. ZEGA always remembers how and why it started in order to make it to the end”, and to move forward more steady to win the future! Let work together and meet again at Zega booth in Bauma Shanghai 2016!