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Zega actively participated in Bauma Germany 20162016-05-03

The Bauma Germany 2016, as one of the world top three construction machinery expos, was held in Munich on April 11th local time. Zega actively and excitedly participated in this expo proudly as an exhibitor. Bauma Germany, held in Munich, every three years, is the world's largest with most international influences in the field of engineering machinery, building material machinery, mining machinery and construction &engineering vehicles and equipment. Bauma Germany has become an unparalleled expo that every company in the field feels that it must participate, to release the latest products and technologies and at the same time expand the global vision. According to the statistics data, there are more than 3000 exhibitors participated as exhibitors in this year, among them; there are 387 Chinese exhibitors, ranked the third most. China rising rapidly in engineering machinery filed has become a huge bright spot in the expo.
Zhejiang Zega Machinery CO., LTD,a leading and professional company engaged in surface and underground drilling equipment and air compressors. as the only Chinese manufacturer representative in the industry, participated in the Bauma Germany 2016 with splash and with perspective in the world stage again to compete with the international first-class rivals for the international market. At the same time, Zega sent its top technical and senior marketing staff to the expo actively to learn the leading technologies, expands horizons, promote innovations and extend the breadth and depth of marketing.
In the expo, Mr. Zhang Xian, vice president of China Railway Group co., LTD, Mr. Shen Ping, minister of Industrial Equipment Department, Mr. Tang Zhifen, chairman of China Railway Science & Industry Group Co., LTD, Miss. Yu Xiaohong and Mr. Yuan Jianhua, deputy secretary-general and director of China International Contractors Association, and Mr. Hitoshi Kai, GM for BU, Sumitomo Corporation China Group also visited our booth, expressed warm congratulations for our development in recent years and put forward great expectations for ZEGA.

Mr. Tang Zhifen, Chairman of China Railway Science & Industry Group Co., LTD, Mr. Xie Cun, Chairman of Zega, Mr. Zhang Xian, Vice president of China Railway Group co., LTD, Mr. Shen Ping, Minister of Industrial Equipment Department, Mr. Patrick Ye, General manager of Zega Shanghai company (from left to the right)
In the global expo feast, ZEGA warmly entertained many customers and friends from Latin America,Africa,Europe,Middle east and central and Southeast Asia in short few days. In particular, in the expo,one integrated down the hole surface drill rig ZEGA D440, one integrated top hammer surface drill rig ZEGA T630, one underground drilling jumbo J21 and a premium portable screw compressor SPDB325-14 were successfully pre-sold on the spot.

In 2016, following the established ZEGA strategy and based on the domestic market as always, ZEGA will actively expand overseas market, continue to strengthen and promote the globalization strategy, improve the sales and after-sales of overseas, to offer higher quality, environmental friendly and efficient products for our global customers.