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ZEGA honored as the Top 50 of 2015 China Construction Machinery Manufacturers2015-10-26

On September 21, 2015, the third "Global construction machinery industry Conference and top 50 Summit" was successfully held in Beijing, As one of standard-setters in China surface crawler drill rig industry, "Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd." honored as the" 2015 Top 50 Chinese construction machinery enterprises " with our grand ambitions of "China first and world first class ", ranked No. 45. "Global construction machinery industry Conference and top 50 Summit " held every two years, has become the No. 1 platform for the industry leaders gathering together, brain storming and sharing with each other.

Zhigao in the "2015 China Construction Machinery top 50" list seems a bit unexpected for others, but actually makes sense and is very reasonable if thinking about it more. Friends who care about the development of Zhigao know, Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd are here today because of our dreams : committed to improving low operation efficiency of domestic mining and construction industry, we tried our very best in research and development, in manufacturing, the brand image building and promotion, in terms of customer satisfactions and spent enormous efforts and made great progresses. We are pleased and delighted to see the results, "No pain, no gain", and our efforts are recognized by customers. We were rewarded as "first set such product in national equipment manufacturing industry key fields" in 2009, and recognized as"the national high-tech enterprise " in 2010.
In order to better and faster serve for high-end and global customers, we decided to set up " Zhigao Machinery Shanghai International Trading Co.,Ltd" and "Product Demo Center" in the economic and cultural center of China in the city of Shanghai in 2014. We would like to take the opportunity, with the establishment of Zhigao Machinery (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. to supply more cost-effective products and services to customers around the world . And we created a new international brand "ZEGA" and speed up efforts of the research and development and marketing of our products.
On the R & D front, we introduced the world first 90 to 127 mm hole size full hydraulic DTH drilling rig ZGYX-440 during the "Bauma" show last year . And this September, the high-end small integrated hydraulic drills, separated drills and air compressors are also introduced with a new look in front of customers worldwide. These new high-end products will be more efficient, more energy saving, more environment friendly and safer for the global construction and mining customers with better and higher quality services!
On the sales side, we and our large network of dealers with the same goal in mind are ready to provide broader and more high-quality products and services to more customers. Our J21 under ground jumbo beat fierce competition of a international famous brand product, completed the underground tunneling and bolting perforation works according to quality and quantity standards, and won full satisfactions of China Railway Construction Engineering Bureau 19. ZGYX-450B full hydraulic drill rig working at altitude 5,300 m in Tibet Huatailong mining company, was the first to overcome high air pressure DTH drilling rig at high altitudes; at Italian marble mines, Zhigao rigs have won good reputations and images against strong competitions for "Made in China" products in the European market. We are not only rapidly expanding our influences and customer bases globally, and we understand customer satisfaction and quality & service always the top priority of our survival and development .
This is the first election and first time participation for Zhigao and successfully nominated as "China Construction Machinery Top 50" list. While these top companies reflects the booming Chinese construction machinery industry and prosperity, they also represent the rapid improvements in technology, process and the level of manufacturing and various other aspects, and are also as examples of growth and most vitality. As China leading top supplier of surface and underground drilling equipment, stationary and portable air compressors, Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd. always focused on frontier technology research and development, technological innovation, process improvement, advanced manufacturing development of the industry, and with spirit of these above in mind Zhigao has won successful cooperation with Jiangxi Copper corporation, CNBM, China railway construction corporation limited, Sumitomo Corporation and other Chinese and foreign top enterprises. Now, Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd. as China construction machinery manufacturer top 50 companies, well earned the industry leader of drill rigs and compressors , has taken a solid step forward toward our goal of "China first and world first class"!