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Management Philosophy

Technology innovation and advanced development is always the core philosophy of Zega. Zega follows the principal of detail oriented锛宔fficiency focused锛宷uality first minded锛宎nd talents respected.




Products Overview

Professional in producing engineering锛宑onstruction and drilling equipment, Zhejiang Zega Machinery Co.,Ltd focuses on quality and always adopts new technology, craftsmanship, and material with many Zega own patents. Our altitude of quality focused, and always researching and developing new prodcuts occupies an important position in the Industry.  At the present, there are five series of prodcuts about 200 types锛宬inds and models including Piston Air Compressors, Screw Air Compressors, and Drill Rigs. Among these, the series of Screw Air Compressors and Drill Rigs with high quality and advanced technology are our featured products. Over 100 patents and new advanced technology features are applied in these two main product series.




Our Team

Zega puts talents as first priority. We have a professional team for research and development, who have rich experiences in technology innovation, production improvement process and energy-saving field. Besides our own independent research and development, we maintain regular cooperation with other famous research and development centers around the country.  Zega own research and development center has more than 50 engineering talents including 4 senior engineers, 20 engineers and assistant engineers. Zega devotes 5-8% of sales profit to research and development into 4-6 new products every year.